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Dry Gulch board, courtesy of Hangman GamesDry Gulch

Dry Gulch may be a one-horse town in the Wild West, but the inhabitants have great plans for it. You play one of Dry Gulch's leading families, vying with the others to develop the town. The ultimate aim is to be 'elected' Mayor of Dry Gulch and who'd let a little thing like arson stand in their way?

Dry Gulch box art

Dry Gulch the game centres on card play as players try to get the raw materials, artisans and building permits they need. These allow them to erect and improve buildings around the town (on the board, pictured above). Buildings mean Power Points and Power Points are what you need in order to win.

For 3-6 players, playing time 2 hours: 27.00 clearance 15.00 (to find the postage cost, just add this to your basket.

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Dry Gulch is published by Hangman Games in a limited, numbered edition of 1,000. It was designed by Alan Ernstein.
There's more about Dry Gulch at the BoardGameGeek.

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