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Thumbnail of El Gaucho box

El Gaucho (Arve Fühler)

Entertaining game of herding cattle (well, collecting tiles) on the Argentinian pampas. Players have to make the best use of each round's dice rolls and the special actions available. I really enjoy it: £20.00. (Note: German edition with English rules – there are no language-dependent components.)

Thumbnail of Elfenland cover

Elfenland (Alan Moon)

A classic from Alan Moon in a new edition from Amigo. It's a race around the eponymous landscape using the kind of transport that Elves would use: dragons, troll-cycles, unicorns et al. The tricky part is matching your cards with the tiles available so that you win the race. It's terrific: £18.00.

Thumbnail of En Garde! cover

En Garde! (Darryl Hany and Frank Chadwick)

Join the three Musketeers, Errol Flynn, Cyrano de Bergerac and, of course, d'Artagnan in a swash­buckling adventure. En Garde! is a role-playing game set in a fictional 17th century Paris: £12.00.

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Thumbnail of EXIT: the Game - The Abandoned Cabin cover

EXIT – The Abandoned Cabin (Inka and Markus Brand)

The Brands' take on escaping from a room. As you'd expect, there are puzzles to solve with time pressure to make this harder. This one has players taking shelter overnight, only to find themselves imprisoned: £12.00

Thumbnail of EXIT: the Game - The Pharaoh's Tomb cover

EXIT – The Pharaoh's Tomb (Inka and Markus Brand)

The Brands' take on escaping from a room. As you'd expect, there are puzzles to solve with time pressure to make this harder. This one has players trapped in an Egyptian pyramid: £12.00

Thumbnail of EXIT: the Game - The Secret Lab cover

EXIT – The Secret Lab (Inka and Markus Brand)

The Brands' take on escaping from a room. As you'd expect, there are puzzles to solve with time pressure to make this harder. This one has players volunteering for a medical trial, but something goes very wrong: £12.00

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Thumbnail of Fields of Green cover

Fields of Green (Vangelis Bagiartakis)

This is a cracking tile-laying game of developing a (modern day) farm. The tricky bit is the interdependency between the tiles that means they have to go close to other things. The other tricky bit is whether you optimise the tiles you have or play for what you may pick up later. There may be nail biting: £35.00

Thumbnail of Firefly: the game cover

Firefly: the Game (Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski and Sean Sweigart)

This highly atmospheric science fiction game does an excellent job of reproducing the spirit of the original TV show. Players run their own spaceship from planet to planet, picking up work where they can and dodging the authorities (and the really bad guys!). It's tremendous fun: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Firefly: the Game - Breakin' Atmo expansion cover

Firefly: the Game – Breakin' Atmo (Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski and Sean Sweigart)

A neat little expansion that adds cards to the base game to provide even more variety in the crew, equipment and jobs available to spaceship captains. Useful stuff: £10.00.

Thumbnail of Firefly: the Game - Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansion cover

Firefly: the Game – Pirates and Bounty Hunters (Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski and Sean Sweigart)

This expansion adds new types of spaceship, allowing more players to take part. It also gives players opportunities to play pirate and to claim bounties on the 'verse's Most Wanted. It's a terrific addition to the game that I always include now: £25.00.

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Thumbnail of cover from Firefly: the game - Blue Sun expansion

Out of stock

Firefly: the Game – Blue Sun (Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski and Sean Sweigart)

A major expansion that adds an extra board showing rim space and the Blue sun system. There are plenty of new cards, giving players fresh challenges, and the reavers are beefed up with two more reaver spaceships! It's another terrific addition to the game: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Firefly: Esmeralda box art

Firefly: Esmeralda (Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski and Sean Sweigart)

Head out into the 'verse in this series 4 Firefly – the standard spaceships are series 3s. Equipped with extra security measures, this ship gives players some different options. The expansion also includes a new story (scenario): £13.50.

Thumbnail of First Train to Nuremberg box

First Train to Nuremberg (Martin Wallace)

This is a rather different railway game as players hire trains rather than buy them, ship goods and people and hope to sell out before their railway starts losing money. It's a development of Martin Wallace's Last Train to Wensleydale, which is also included in the box: £28.00.

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Thumbnail of A Fistful of Penguins cover

A Fistful of Penguins (Jonathan Franklin)

Terrific dice game of collecting zoo animals with different combinations scoring points and penguins being wild. Livid! Highly entertaining: £10.00.

Thumbnail of Five Cucumbers box

Five Cucumbers (Trad, arr. Friedemann Friese)

A neat trick-taking game where the object is to avoid winning the last trick of the hand and thus gaining penalty cucumber tokens. Clever and quick: £6.50.

Thumbnail of Forbidden Desert cover

Out of stock

Forbidden Desert (Matt Leacock)

Cracking co-operative game in which players race against the encroaching sand dunes to explore an ancient city and find the parts of a flying machine (a wonderfully baroque model). There's a real tension and sense of jeopardy in the challenge provided by the game: £16.00.

Thumbnail of Forbidden Island cover

Out of stock

Forbidden Island (Matt Leacock)

Excellent co-operative game in which a team of adventurers (the players) race to retrieve four treasures (terrific models) from a sinking island. The game provides a tense challenge as more and more of the island disappears. Great fun: £12.50.

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Thumbnail of The Foreign King boxart

The Foreign King (Javier Garcia)

This is a clever, entertaining game that, despite the small box, really makes you think. It's set around the industrialisation of Belgium under its first king, who was imported from Germany: £22.00.

Thumbnail of Fresh Fish box

Fresh Fish (Friedemann Friese)

The second edition of Friedemann's demanding game of market traders and fish trucks has been streamlined. The large, colourful playing pieces make it easier to keep track of what's going on. Cracking stuff: £28.00 (German ed with English rules).

Thumbnail of Friese's Landlord box

Friese's Landlord (Friedemann Friese)

This new edition of Friedemann's first game is just as much fun as the original. As unscrupulous landlords, players aim to get the most money from their tenants while depriving their opponents of tenants, or even buildings (the odd bomb is very useful). Huge fun: £12.00.

Thumbnail of Fruit Fair box art

Fruit Fair (Kris Gould)

Lovely little game of collecting fruit with some tactical options that make it more subtle than initially appears. Large, bold artwork makes it visually appealing, too: £15.00.

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Thumbnail of Gads Hill 1874 cover

Gads Hill 1874 (Stephan Riedel)

Intriguing deduction game that applies the mechanisms of Old Town to the town of Gads Hill, scene of a train hold-up by the James Younger gang. Depopulated and run down over the years, the town has now almost completely disappeared. The challenge is to reconstruct it and identify the key locations for the Younger gang's escapade: £25.00.

Thumbnail of Gads Hill Railway Station expansion

Gads Hill Railway Station expansion (Stephan Riedel)

Neat little expansion for Gads Hill 1874. It adds the railway station and a couple of other buildings that offer a greater challenge, but higher rewards. £6.00

Thumbnail of Game of Blame box art

Game of Blame (Richard Wolfrik Galland)

A highly entertaining card game of trying to ensure other players carry the can. It's set in a mediæval court, so the penalty for taking the blame can be drastic – especially when the peasants are revolting! Highly tactical and great fun: £9.00

Thumbnail of Game of Trains cover

Game of Trains (Alexey Konnov, Alexey Paltsev and Anatoliy Shklyarov)

Cracking little game of manipulating the row of cards in front of you – and the other players. Great fun and my favourite of the games I played at Spiel '15: £6.50.

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Thumbnail of Garden Gnomes Society cover art

Garden Gnomes Society (Gartenzwerge e.V) (Roman Mathar)

This is your chance to breed garden gnomes and be first to get that elusive gold cap gnome! The theme is bonkers, the game is clever and it's all good fun: £6.50.

Thumbnail of The Golden Ages cover

The Golden Ages (Luigi Ferrini)

This was my favourite of the games I played at Spiel '14 last October. It's a clever civilisation development game that has some familiar aspects, but puts everything together in a different way. There's geography to cope with, resources to collect, technology to develop, cities to build and so on. Cracking stuff: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Gotham Race box

Gotham Race (Stephan Riedel)

A wonderfully bonkers race game where players can't be sure which racer they're moving – or in which direction. On the other hand, you can win by crossing the finish line backwards! Great fun: £10.00.

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Thumbnail of The Great War cover

Out of stock

The Great War (Richard Borg)

A simple wargame that brilliantly adapts the "Commands & Colors" system to WW1 with superb models and challenging scenarios. Simply terrific: £48.00.

Thumbnail of The Great War Tank expansion cover

The Great War: Tank expansion (Richard Borg)

An expansion that really does expand the possibilities of the base game. Yes, it introduces tanks to the First World War battlefield. In the box are six complete models of British and German tanks and lots of scenarios to make use of them. My copy's already on the table: £35.00.

Thumbnail photo of the Whippet box

The Great War: Whippet tanks (Richard Borg)

A neat addition to the Tank expansion for this simple WW1 wargame: the Whippets are lightly armoured, speedy tanks, armed with machine guns. They provide further variety for the battlefield with several intriguing scenarios included in the Tank booklet. And the models are gorgeous: £15.00

Thumbnail of cover from Great Western Trail

Out of stock

Great Western Trail (Alexander Pfister)

Complex, entertaining game of riding the trail to get your cattle to Kansas City and ship them off by rail. There are buildings to construct, railroads to improve, cattle to herd and a lot of decisions to make. Great fun: £33.00

Thumbnail of Guns & Steel cover

Guns & Steel (Jesse Li)

A clever take on civilization development, this card game provides an entertaining challenge to make the best of the cards' two sides. There are actually two versions of the game in the box – three if you merge the two: £12.00

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