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Thumbnail of Hamsterrolle cover

Hamsterrolle (Jacques Zeimet)

Another clever dexterity game published by Zoch. This one has a giant hamster wheel and a set of wooden blocks for each player. The aim is to get rid of your blocks. However, as players add blocks, the wheel turns and they must pick up any blocks that fall out! Huge fun: £36.00.

Thumbnail of Hansa cover art

Hansa (Michael Schacht)

A clever tactical game of trading around the Baltic Sea in the days of the medieval Hanseatic League. One of my favourite Michael Schacht games: £18.00.

Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica box art

Hansa Teutonica (Andreas Steding)

Set around the cities of the Hanseatic League, this is a game of establishing trade routes and setting up trading posts. It's another challenging, tactical game from Andreas Steding: £28.00.

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Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica East board

Hansa Teutonica: East Expansion (Andreas Steding)

This expansion for Hansa Teutonica moves the action to Northeastern Germany and the areas around (and across) the Baltic Sea: £9.00.

Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica: Britannia board

Hansa Teutonica: Britannia (Andreas Steding)

This expansion for Hansa Teutonica provides an alternative board, a map of Britain rather than Germany: £9.00.

Thumbnail of Heads of State boxart

Heads of State (Peter Hawes)

Players draft cards to make sets that will let them establish their nobles in the major countries of western Europe. Heads of State provides players with a competitive challenge over three centuries: £30.00.

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Thumbnail of Heckmeck cover

Heckmeck (am Bratwurmeck)/Pickomino (Reiner Knizia)

Heckmeck is a brilliantly simple yet fiendish game. It's played with chunky tiles – not unlike Mah Jongg or Dominoes – that players collect according to what they can roll on the dice. Unless they go bust and lose a tile! I have the multi-lingual edition from the German publisher: £12.00.

Thumbnail of Heckmeck Extrawurm cover

Out of stock

Heckmeck Extrawurm (Reiner Knizia)

Expansion for the terrific Heckmeck... (aka Pickomino) that adds extra options. In particular, there are character pieces that provide advantages for the owning player, making certain worm tiles more valuable. There are a couple more worms, too: £10.00.

Thumbnail of Historia cover

Historia (Marco Pranzo)

Magnificent civilisation-development game where players must balance military and scientific development to best effect. Geography is secondary and card (action) management crucial. Clever and challenging: £35.00.

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Thumbnail of Homesteaders box art

Out of stock

Homesteaders (Alex Rockwell)

Terrific game of developing a Wild West town – starting with just a homestead. The key is winning the initial auctions each turn. I now have the European edition, which has a different box from the original, but the same contents: £25.00.

Thumbnail of I'm the Boss cover

Out of stock

I'm the Boss (Sid Sackson)

Hugely entertaining and anarchic game of plutocrats vying for the most money. Yet it's so simple. And such good fun that I've been playing it for twenty years: £35.00.

Thumbnail of Imhotep cover

Imhotep (Phil Walker-Harding)

Clever, tactical game of constructing the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Players have nice, chunky wooden blocks to play with, which adds to the appeal. £30.00

Thumbnail of Imperialism cover

Imperialism: Road to Domination (Konrad Perzyna)

Players represent major empires expanding through the 15th-19th centuries. However, the game is not so much about the geography, that's abstracted to cards. Instead, players focus on economic and social development and intrigue – though they'll need military strength as well. Terrific stuff: £25.00.

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Thumbnail of Incan Gold box

Incan Gold (Alan Moon and Bruno Faidutti)

A terrific push-your-luck game, where players risk the hazards of an ancient temple to grab the treasure it contains. And it plays better the more people involved. This is the second edition from Gryphon Games: £18.00.

Thumbnail of "Inhabit the Earth" cover

Inhabit the Earth (Richard Breese)

The latest from the acclaimed British designer, this is a race game as players compete to introduce their set of creatures across all six continents. Veteran gamers will recognise that the cover is a homage to the classic Wildlife Adventure: £27.00.

Thumbnail of Istanbul cover

Istanbul (Rüdiger Dorn)

As a fat-cat merchant, you send your assistants trading around the grand bazaar. Ultimately, you want to buy rubies, but first you must spend money on improving your trading facilities. It's clever and entertaining: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh box art

Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh (Rüdiger Dorn)

There's a new commodity in the Istanbul bazaar: coffee. It's something else for players to deal in. The Tavern lets them obstruct their opponents or improve their own position. Or they can give alms to acquire one of the all important rubies. It adds intriguing options to the base game: £18.00.

Thumbnail of letters and Seals cover

Istanbul: Letters and Seals (Rüdiger Dorn)

The bazaar is bigger with this expansion, adding more places for merchants to visit. In particular, they can collect letters and deliver them to earn seals, which can be turned into the coveted rubies. Add in a more useful assistant and there's a lot more going on: £18.00.

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Thumbnail of Jagd nach dem Gral box art

Jagd nach dem Gral (Eric Solomon)

That’s "The Quest for the Holy Grail" in English. Four groups are hunting the Grail: players move the pawns around the board – according to who's prepared to reveal their influence. It’s a development of the classic hidden control game, Sigma File: £8.50.

Thumbnail of cover art from Jane Austen's Matchmaker

Out of stock

Jane Austen's Matchmaker (Richard Wolfrik Galland)

This is a hugely entertaining card game featuring characters from half a dozen Jane Austen novels. Players' aim is to form mutually advantageous marriages between the gentlemen and ladies. Brilliant! £9.00.

Thumbnail of Jane Austen's Matchmaker with Zombies cover

…with Zombies (Richard Wolfrik Galland)

Love, marriage and … brains! This expansion for Jane Austen's Matchmaker brings the undead to the world of Austen. One player has the challenge of being undead and trying to infect the others. Great fun! £8.00.

Thumbnail of Jet Set box art

Jet Set (Kris Gould)

This is a cracking game of establishing airline routes across Europe. Players have to balance income versus victory points, but the key decision is when to go for the end game. One of my favourites: £20.00.

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Thumbnail of Jet Set: Distant Lands cover

Out of stock

Jet Set – Distant Lands (Kris Gould)

A whole bundle of extras for the terrific Jet Set that provide a range of additional challenges. Mix 'n' match as you wish, they're all useful and entertaining: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Jet Set - Jumbo Jets expansion

Jet Set – Jumbo Jets (Kris Gould)

There are three jumbo jets for each player. They can use them, like the original planes, to establish a route. The difference is that the jumbo can be used several times. They are rather more expensive, though. There are four other expansions in the box, to mix and match with the base game. I particularly like the Charter Flights, which give extra potential moves: £22.00.

Junk Yard title

Junk Yard (Alan Ernstein)

A trick-taking, tile-laying board game. Plus a few more - there are several challenging games in this package. I have one copy left: £15.00.

Thumbnail of AEG's Junta box cover

Junta (Eric Goldberg, Ben Grossman and Vincent Tsao)

A wonderfully cynical view of a banana republic as players compete to get the most cash stashed in their Swiss bank account. Assassinations abound and every now and then the Presidential palace will take a pounding as a coup starts: £30.00.

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Thumbnail of Key to the City - London cover

Key to the City – London (Sebastian Bleasdale and Richard Breese)

A new game from the duo who gave us Keyflower – and one that owes something to the earlier game. However, it is a distinct, indeed distinctive, game with players using familiar landmarks to develop their own borough of London. It looks terrific: £38.00

Thumbnail of the Keyflower box

Out of stock

Keyflower (Richard Breese and Sebastian Bleasdale)

Two of my favourite games designers working together! As far as I'm concerned, that's enough to make it a must-buy. It's played over four differing rounds (the seasons of the year) with players using workers to bid for buildings to expand their village and to operate the buildings. One of my favourites from Spiel '12: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Keyflower: the Farmers box

Keyflower – the Farmers (Richard Breese and Sebastian Bleasdale)

Terrific expansion to Keyflower that adds farming to the challenges facing the players. Farm buildings, wheat and animals can be the centre of the game or just another feature. Either way, the new tiles provide a strategic element to the game. Excellent stuff: £20.00.

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Thumbnail of Keyflower: the Merchants box art

Keyflower – the Merchants (Richard Breese and Sebastian Bleasdale)

Expansion number two for the brilliant Keyflower gives players more options for developing their village. It can be used as the basis for the game (along with some parts of the base game) or to add extra opportunities to the original: £20.00.

Thumbnail of Keymelequin artwork

Keyflower – Keymelequin (expansion) (Sebastian Bleasdale and Richard Breese)

A small expansion for Keyflower, the Keymelequin ship brings two multi-coloured meeples into play. This provides some interesting new options for the game. £4.50

Thumbnail of Kingdom of Solomon box art

Kingdom of Solomon (Philip duBarry)

This is a very enjoyable, clever game, played across the ancient kingdom of Israel. Players collect resources to construct buildings, roads and the great temple. Several clever wrinkles lift it out of the ordinary: £35.00.

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Kings Progress box art

Kings Progress (Steve Kingsbury)

Influence courtiers and persuade the King to favour you in this subtle strategy game: £25.00.

Thumbnail of Kosmonauts cover art

Kosmonauts (Nadezhda Penkrat and Yuri Yamshchikov)

I like race games and this has the players navigating the solar system, visiting the planets. Each player works out their optimal route, but has to manage their fuel and cope with the Newtonian movement system. It's clever; it's fun: £25.00 £20.00.

Thumbnail of Kriegbot cover

Kriegbot (Matt Eklund)

Build your own fighting robot! Take a vehicle and cover it with weapons. Then slug it out against your opponent(s). Okay, it's a tad juvenile, but it is excellent fun! The two teams design their 'bots, choose a scenario and start the battle: £13.00.

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