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Box art from Onward to Venus: in an alien jungle an explorer brandishes a ray gun beside his crashed spaceshipOnward to Venus

This game is a wonderful retro romp of steampunk empires conquering the solar system and I really enjoy it.

Players use their spaceships, troops and tanks (nicely illustrated cardboard counters) to establish mines and factories on the various worlds. And, of course, take them away from each other. However, what players can do is constrained by the tiles placed on the worlds at the start of each round - and what units and cards they have. The tiles may also provoke major events, such as native uprisings or even an alien invasion.

As you'd expect with a Martin Wallace game, there are several neat mechanisms that provide tactical opportunities for players. There's also a hefty helping of luck, which provides variety to the challenge. Don't take the game too seriously and it's great fun!

For 2-5 players, aged 10+, playing time 90-120 minutes: 23.00 17.50 (14.58 outside the EU)

In stock

Onward to Venus was designed by Martin Wallace and is published by Treefrog

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