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What's New?

Top of the list for me is Imhotep, which I've been trying to get hold of since I first played it (it's had to be reprinted a couple of times). Then there's Deep Sea Adventure, which I've had great fun with. Plus two more from What's Your Game?, special purchase titles and more.

I still have a few items left in my clearance sale and some odds and ends at special prices.

Watch this page for updates (or sign up for the Games from Pevans newsletter).

Thumbnail of Asgard cover

Asgard (Pierluca Zizzi)

Choose the Gods to support and then ensure they're on the winning side at Ragnarok, the final battle. It doesn't sound easy, and it isn't: £36.00

Thumbnail of Basilica cover

Basilica (Lukasz Pogoda)

A duel of competing medieval master masons. They may be constructing a cathedral together, but they're also trying to do better than their colleague. The cathedral is constructed by laying tiles, the different colours representing the various elements of the building. Tiles also provide special actions, but then can't be used in the construction. This gives players tricky decisions to make as they try to score more victory points. Special purchase: limited stock.

For 2 players, aged 10+, playing time 45 minutes: £17.00 (£14.17 net of tax outside the EU)

Thumbnail of cover from Deep Sea Adventure

Out of stock

Deep Sea Adventure (Goro and Jun Sasaki)

A very entertaining push-your-luck game. Players are divers trying to pick up treasures and get back to the submarine before their air ruins out. Great fun: £15.00

Thumbnail of Dokmus cover

Dokmus (Mikko Punakallio)

Challenging tactical game of establishing influence over the ever-changing eponymous island. Yes, the tiles that make up the playing area move and rotate as players try to get the most advantageous position. Tricky stuff: £30.00

Thumbnail of cover from Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail (Alexander Pfister)

Complex, entertaining game of riding the trail to get your cattle to Kansas City and ship them off by rail. There are buildings to construct, railroads to improve, cattle to herd and a lot of decisions to make. Great fun: £36.00

Thumbnail of Imhotep cover

Imhotep (Phil Walker-Harding)

Clever, tactical game of constructing the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Players have nice, chunky wooden blocks to play with, which adds to the appeal. £30.00

Thumbnnail of Letters to Santa pack

Letters to Santa (Seiji Kanai)

This is a Christmas-themed version of Love Letter with cartoon-style illustrations. Yes, the idea is to get your letter to Santa. It still comes in a red, velvet bag and it's still brilliant: £7.00

Thumbnail of the Matryoshka cover

Matryoshka (Sergio Halaban)

Nice little set-collecting card game where players try to assemble the best set of matryoshka (Russian dolls) by trading with each other. It's a simple game with brightly-coloured cards – and some tactical niceties. £9.50

Thumnail of Mogul cover

Mogul (Michael Schacht)

Set in 1920s America, this is a stock market game of railroad companies, where players can use their holdings to expand the railroad network as well as manipulating the stock market. Definitely not an 18xx game, it's Michael Schacht's development of his original game from 2002. Special purchase: limited stock.

For 3-5 players, aged 13+, playing time 45 minutes: £23.00 (£19.17 net of tax outside the EU)

Thumbnail of Staufer Dynasty cover

The Staufer Dynasty (Andreas Steding)

I've enjoyed previous games from this designer, so this is one I'm looking forward to. Players are nobles in the 12th century, eager to improve their position by placing envoys and nobles in positions of power in the six regions from the Baltic to Sicily. The game lasts five rounds with each player having three actions per round. Players take actions either to claim treasure chests, which provide bonuses or points, or to occupy offices in a region, which bring in points at the end of the round. However, only some regions score each round so players are manoeuvring to get the best positions in the right regions. Special purchase: limited stock.

For 2-5 players, aged 13+, playing time 90 minutes: £38.00 (£31.67 net of tax outside the EU)

Thumbnail of Tides of Madness cover

Tides of Madness (Kristian Curla)

This sequel to the clever two-player card game, Tides of Time, transfers the game to a Cthulhu setting. Apart from scoring points, players must avoid going mad, adding another dimension to the game. £10.00

Thumbnail of Vasco da Gama cover

Vasco da Gama (Paolo Mori)

Clever, involved game of establishing trade routes to Africa and India under the eponymous explorer. Lots of decisions to be made, particularly when to change emphasis from earning money to gaining points. Terrific stuff: £36.00

Thumbnail of Verraeter cover

Verräter (Marcel-André Casasola Merkle)

Seminal card game of choosing roles as players try to bring districts under the aegis of one or other faction in a medieval land. Cracking stuff: £6.00

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