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What's New?

Top of the list has to be the Ragnars' colourful new edition of Backpacks & Blisters. All the trials and tribulations fun of rambling across the Lake District without having to do so. Then there's clever card game Oh my Goods!, which much impressed me on first acquaintance.

I'm pleased to add titles from franjos to my range, too. They're best known for abstract games (Black Box+, for example), but have some terrific 'eurogames' – Domus Domini is a recent favourite.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Backpacks & Blisters cover

Backpacks & Blisters (Ragnar Brothers)

New edition of this great, fun game of rambling across England's Lake District. Everything that could happen on a hike is on the cards as players race to complete their tour of landmarks and get back in time for tea! Wonderful: £20.00

Thumbnail of Black Box+ cover

Black Box+ (Eric Solomon)

The classic two-player game of deduction. One player tries to work out the puzzle their opponent has set in the eponymous box. This edition includes the original Black Box and the even more taxing Black Box+. Brain-melting: £20.00

Thumbnail of Domus Domini cover

Domus Domini (Heinz-Georg Thiemann)

Whose monastery can provide the most food to the Abbey? Except that it's the monastery that provides the least food that gets the most money to develop further. But which bit of the monastery to develop? My vote's on the brewery! £40.00

Thumbnail of Donkey Derby cover

Donkey Derby (Walter Müller)

Neat little race game with players trying to pick the winning donkey. The earlier they do this, the better they score, but the less certain the outcome. It's simple, clever fun. £22.00

Thumbnail of Gads Hill Railway Station expansion

Gads Hill Railway Station expansion (Stephan Riedel)

Neat little expansion for Gads Hill 1874. It adds the railway station and a couple of other buildings that offer a greater challenge, but higher rewards. £6.00

Thumbnail of Hellas cover

Hellas (Stefan Dorra)

Entertaining game of building up villages, cities and temples on an Ancient Greek island – providing there's enough marble produced from the island's quarries. £38.00

Thumbnail of Insider cover

Insider (Akihiro Itoh, Kwaji, Daichi Okano and Kito Shinma)

Intriguing party game that's kind of a cross between Twenty Questions and Werewolf. Deducing the thing in question can be made simpler by the player who knows the answer, but they have to keep their identity secret if they want to win. Clever: £15.00

Thumbnail of Jorvik cover

Jorvik (Stefan Feld)

Challenging game set in Danish-ruled north-east England a thousand years ago. Players are jarls in competition to build up their prestige, but they must also co-operate against raiders. It's an intriguing development of Feld's earlier Die Speicherstadt. £30.00

Thumbnail of Kippit cover

Kippit (Torsten Marold)

Entertaining two-player dexterity game that has players balancing different-sized wooden cubes on their end of a wooden seesaw. They have to pick up anything that falls off, which is a problem when the aim is to get rid of all your cubes. £22.00

Thumbnail of Oh my Goods! cover

Oh my Goods! (Alexander Pfister)

Ingenious card game of using goods to construct buildings that use resources to produce goods that... And the same cards are used for all of that. Cracking stuff from a designer of complex games: £10.00

Thumbnail of Santo Domingo cover

Santo Domingo (Stefan Risthaus)

Minimalist card game where players choose actions from a limited set and their effect depends on how many others have played the same action. Hence, players are trying to out-guess each other: it's clever and plays quickly: £9.00

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