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What's New?

Just two new games this month, both delayed from their expected release at Spiel '17 (who'd be a games publisher?).

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Loot Island cover

Loot Island (Aaron Haag)

An intriguing game from the designer of Yunnan. It's about hunting pirate treasure on a long-lost island. Players face some tricky decisions where they must weigh up the pros and cons: the treasure only comes with a curse: £20.00.

Thumbnail of Powerships cover

Powerships (Corné van Moorsel)

Cracking spaceship racing game, based on the designer's earlier Powerships and featuring the same clever three-sided dice. The trick is being able to slow down at the right point and not crash into any stray planets: £36.00.

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