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Treefrog Games logo: a bright green treefrog clambers around the capital TTreefrog Games

Treefrog is the imprint for designer Martin Wallace. It was originally called Warfrog, but is a bit more friendly nowadays. The first game, Lords of Creation, was a great start.

Over the years, Martin's designs have grown more sophisticated and the production much better, culminating in what I consider to be two masterworks, Age of Steam (now re-worked as Steam) and Struggle of Empires, and the excellent Brass.

As Treefrog since 2010, they have given us clever wargames (such as A Few Acres of Snow), "Discworld" titles (Ankh-Morpork, The Witches) and more. I am a big fan of Martin's games (even the much-maligned Stockers!), regardless of publisher.

The table below lists the Treefrog/Warfrog games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of Brass cover

Brass (Martin Wallace)

The Industrial Revolution in Lancashire is the story of this game. Players build coal mines, iron works and cotton mills through the canal and railway ages. However, they need to balance construction with improving technology and income with victory points. It's another clever, challenging game from Martin Wallace: 40.00.

Thumbnail of box art for A Few Acres of Snow

Out of stock

A Few Acres of Snow (Martin Wallace)

Brilliant wargame covering the wars between Britain and France over Canada. Players use the cards in their hand to deploy troops, add new settlements and lay siege to the enemy. However, they must also manage the cards they have available.Clever and challenging: 30.00.

Thumbnail of First Train to Nuremberg box

Last Train to Wensleydale with First Train to Nuremberg (Martin Wallace)

A revised version of Martin's ingenious train game is included with this re-development of the game for German publisher Argentum. Players hire trains rather than buy them, ship goods and people and hope to sell out before their railway starts losing money. 25.00.

Thumbnail of Lords of Creation box

Lords of Creation (Martin Wallace)

A reprint of Martin Wallace's excellent first game. Players are Gods trying to attract and civilise followers and convert other players' of course. A game that requires strategic thinking and a bit of diplomacy: 30.00.

Thumbnail of Onward to Venus cover

Onward to Venus (Martin Wallace)

This game has a real retro feel to it. It's played over a sequence of discs representing the planets (and moons) of the solar system. Players use their cards to move their spaceships and colonise the planets in the name of their empire, subduing the unruly natives along the way. It's bonkers and great fun: 23.00 17.50.

Thumbnail of Steam cover

Steam (Martin Wallace)

A further refinement of Age of Steam that makes the game system a bit more forgiving (you're less likely to go bankrupt!) and tweaks several other aspects of the game: 38.00.

Thumbnail of cover from A Study in Emerald (2nd ed)

A Study in Emerald (2nd ed) (Martin Wallace)

Streamlined new edition of this hugely atmospheric game based on a Neil Gaiman story that mixes occult Gods and Sherlock Holmes. (No, really.) Fantastic and chilling: 25.00.

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